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Hot appetizers

Potatoes pancakes stuffed with meat.

Banosh with mushrooms
Grits, cream, milk, and mushrooms

Baked potatoes
With mushrooms and cheese

Mushrooms strudel
House layer dough, stuff with mushrooms, fontina cheese and herbs.

Crab cakes
Crab meat, house breadcrumbs, cilantro, lemon juice, mustard and spices.

Tiger shrimp
Fried shrimp with garlic sauce and almonds

Baked eggplant.
With mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and flavored herbs

Ukrainian style, homemade potato dumplings, served with fried onions, mushrooms and feta cheese, topped with sour cream

Bucovina Vareniki
Ukrainian style, homemade cabbage dumplings, serve with fried onions, topped with sour cream

Cheese Vareniki
Ukrainian style, homemade cottage cheese dumplings, topped with sour cream and Dill

Home made lobster ravioli
Serve with light sauce and garlic bread.

Home made Duck ravioli
Serve with light sauce and garlic bread.

Pelmeni Ukrainian Style
Handmade meat dumplings served with a lite white sauce

Fried chicken wings
Serve with blue cheese sauce, carrots and celery

Chicken skewers
Serve peanut sauce

Brie cheese
Chunky preserves are sandwiched between a halved wheel of Brie and a pastry crust.

Cold appetizers

Cheese assortments
Ukrainian cheese, Saint George, creamy blue cheese, Wensleydale with Cranberries Irish yellow cheddar cheese, served with crostini

Cheese assortments
Pepper jack, Dill cheese, white cheddar cheese, and Gotta cheese serve with crackers.

Fresh garden vegetables assorted
Fresh vegetables, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, garden radish, spring onions, carrots, and cauliflower, basil letters and serve with range sauce.

Kumovi Pokushtunky.
Meat assorted, Ukrainian kielbasa, house sausage, liver pate, prosciutto, chicken roll, cold boiled pork and serve with Adjika sauce.

Fish assortment.
Soft salted salmon, smoked sturgeon, smoked escolar, smoked Halibut, Herring, black olives, lemons and herbs

Mini Tuna Tartar
Very thin slice Tuna topped with sea salt, red onion, Asiago cheese and fry cappers. Served with truffle oil crostini.

Veggie Antipasto
Marinate kalamata olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, artichoke, and fry Zucchini salad

Shrimp cocktail
Serve with house cocktail sauce.

Smile of mother in law. (Delicatessen)
Boiled beef tongue with horseradish

Torben Poor   (delicatessen)
Thin Crepes stuffed with red caviar


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