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Pork entrees

Ground pork and beef, rice and vegetables rolled in delicate cone-shaped cabbage leaves.

Pork Shashlick
Shish kabob marinated overnight in herbs and spices and grilled

Pork stew
Slow cooked pork with potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, and spices to taste.

Stuffed bell peppers.
Stuffed peppers with rice, vegetables, ground pork and ground beef

Pork ribs
Ribs roosted in oven with great spices.

Beef entrees

Stuffed Beef Roll
Ground beef rolled around chopped eggs,  baked, sliced,  served with mashed potatoes

Beef Stroganoff
Sliced beef, slow simmered until tender in a rich mushroom sauce

Sirloin steak
Grilled steak served with vegetables ratatouille and dill butter

Beef stew with prunes,
Serve with vegetables.

Ukrainian meatballs
Made with beef and pork serve with our rich mushroom gravy.

Chicken entrees

“How Not to Love You” Chicken Kiev
Chicken breast infused with butter and parsley, double breaded and oven baked

Olympic Chicken
Ground chicken breast rolled around dill butter, breaded and baked

Chicken cheese rolls
Chicken breast stuffed with cheese, butter and fragrant herbs, on an egg wash, sauté in pan and finish in oven

Fish entrees

Salmon Kulebyaka
Cooked filet, chopped hard boiled egg, rice and herbs wrapped in a blanket of homemade dough and oven baked

Seafood festival
Salmon, Haddock and scallops, sauté with white wine and cook to perfection with roman tomatoes in a creamy sauce and served with house spaghetti

Catfish Shashlick 
Catfish with grilled vegetables tomatoes, zucchini; eggplant, and yellow bell pepper

Coral Reef
Perch fillet fried in a crispy almond, with baked cherry tomatoes in cream and shrimp sauce.

Fresh Zander fillet baked in foil, served with light cheese sauce.


Rich man Lamb
Grilled marinade rack of lamb, served with courgettes and eggplant, baked with adjika sauce, coated with sweet pepper and rosemary sauce.

Rabbit Stewed
Stewed with vegetables, Dijon mustard and creamy sauce

Roasted Duck
Duck Roasted and stuffed with buckwheat and mushrooms or apples

Duck Breast
Sautéed duck breast in cabernet, topped with blue berry sauce

Veal Shashlick
Kebabs served with grilled vegetables, Brussels cabbage, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and adjika sauce

Veal escalope
Sauté veal Serve with tomatoes and caramelize onions.



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