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Personal Chef

Our personal chef services can prepare food for a week for 2 to 6 people for a single event for 10 to 50 guest or more with the option of full service or only prepared dishes.


As soon as you contact me, I will set up a complimentary consultation to answer any questions and to establish your food preferences and needs such as likes and dislikes, allergies or special diets to consider when planning your menu.

Menu Planning

Together, we will decide what your menu will be based on your needs and time frame. We have a list of dishes for every course from which you can choose or we can prepare some of your own recipes. You may even ask us to surprise you with something new!

Meal Preparation

All meals will be prepared at our house or at our commercial kitchen. Each dish, family size or individual serving, will be carefully packaged and labeled with item name, ingredients and heating instructions to be stored in your freezer or refrigerator.



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